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Camp Silverlake

Author Damian Harvey


friendship, self-esteem, confidence, teamwork, bravery

Everyone is looking forward to the school summer camp – a week-long adventure holiday with lots of outdoor activities. Everyone, that is, except Ethan. He isn’t expecting to go on the trip. His parents can’t normally afford to pay for it. But this year, Ethan’s parents are planning a surprise…

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

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  • Chapter 1 The List

    The sign-up sheet is posted for the school summer camp, and everyone is excited to put their names down. Ethan tries to hurry past it, but JJ Maguire calls out to him just before he can escape...

  • Chapter 2 The Journey

    Ethan, JJ and the rest of the class are making their way to Camp Silverlake, but all is not well. Both boys are running late, and they are worried about what lies in store at camp...

  • Chapter 3 The Wall

    Ethan, JJ and the rest of the class are finally at Camp Silverlake, and the adventure activities have begun. But while JJ seems to feel confident, Ethan is finding it hard to keep his nerve...

  • Chapter 4 The Night

    Ethan and JJ were fast asleep in their tent, but soon find themselves wide awake. What woke them up? And will the boys be brave enough to leave the tent and investigate?

  • Chapter 5 The Lake

    Ethan and JJ’s nighttime adventure on the lake is not going according to plan, and the boys soon find themselves in danger. Perhaps jumping in the canoe wasn’t such a great idea after all...

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