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Cool Like Zelda

Author David Macphail

Fantasy and Myths

self-esteem, confidence, cooperation, inclusion, teamwork

Ash is the smallest kid on her soccer team, Cheetahs, and she often lacks confidence. She longs to be just like her awesome team captain Zelda. Zelda is everything Ash is not! One day, Ash makes a wish to be cool like Zelda, and everything changes. What has happened to Zelda? What is happening to Ash? And what will become of their beloved soccer team?

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

14014 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Zelda

    When Ash loses the ball with her first pass of the game, she is devastated. Luckily, the amazing Zelda gets her out of trouble. Meanwhile, at home, Ash’s mom has bought a very strange, old mirror...

  • Chapter 2 The Mirror

    With Zelda gone, Ash is looking for answers. Did her wish in the mirror really cause Zelda’s disappearance? And how can she find out more when no one else even remembers Zelda?

  • Chapter 3 The Hole

    Ash is sure that the strange store can help her get to the bottom of Zelda’s disappearance. She decides to investigate further, and is shocked by what she finds...

  • Chapter 4 The Game

    With the Cheetahs facing the Leopards in the biggest match of the season, Ash’s team is struggling. Not least because the Leopards have a familiar face playing for them. Can Ash turn the game around?

  • Chapter 5 The Lightning

    With the game nearly over, Ash makes a last attempt at winning against the Leopards. And time is running out to find out exactly what has happened to Zelda, and whether the spell can be undone...

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