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Author Christina Clover

Human interest

friendship, self-esteem, confidence, family, healthy habits

Syd has always felt distinctly average. Then her parents give her a guitar, and she discovers that she loves playing it and writing songs. After starting her own video channel, people start to notice her: new friends at school, online fans and, most excitingly, a new, older and intriguing best friend who promises her fortune and fame. But who can Syd trust in this thrilling new world?

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

3769 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Guitar

    Syd isn’t too sure about the guitar she receives for her birthday. For a start, she has absolutely no idea how to even hold it! But she soon finds that she has a hidden talent...

  • Chapter 2 Let’s Sing

    Syd decides to be brave about sending out her song, and she’s feeling really positive. Then her parents share the news that they are separating, and one so-called friend is anything but friendly...

  • Chapter 3 A Contract

    With new, online friend Selena boosting her confidence, Syd is ready to be braver about her music, and it seems like she is about to hit the big time. Meanwhile, life at home becomes more difficult...

  • Chapter 4 Photographs

    Marcus asking for photos has sent Syd into a tizzy. Her image hasn’t really been a priority before, but she is soon caught up in the excitement of it all. Will she be prepared to listen to any advice?

  • Chapter 5 The Truth

    Syd is furious with Jo. She trusts Selena and Marcus and doesn’t believe a word Jo says. But why, then, is she suddenly so worried? It’s time to find out the truth about who Syd’s friends really are.

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