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Lost in Space

Author Louise John


cooperation, family, initiative, teamwork

When Finn and his family take their first holiday in space, things don’t quite work out as they’d planned. Will they make their escape from the slimy clutches of alien Commander Blob from the Planet Burp? What fiery fate will await them? The readers decide....

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

4010 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Crash Landing!

    “Fasten your seatbelts!” shouted the captain of the Sonic space plane, as it shot towards the orange planet. “We have a problem!” Finn leaned forwards and put his hands on his head. A crash landi...

  • Chapter 2 A Jammy Escape

    Finn raised his cosmic catapult and fired a blast marble at the commander. It hit him in the eye! “Ooof! Ouch!” yelled Commander Blob. “My eye! I can’t see!  Owwwww!” He stumbled around the space...

  • Chapter 3 A Sticky Situation

    Finn looked at Splot. Could he trust her? Her three eyes jiggled around on their stalks. Finn made a quick decision. “Thanks, but I can do this alone!” “Ssssssuit yoursssself,” lisped Splot cros...

  • Chapter 4 Hot Stuff!

    Splot wibbled and wobbled as Finn struggled inside her tummy.  With a boy inside her she was so huge she could hardly move. “I know what will do the trick!” said Mum, pulling a bottle out of her ...

  • Chapter 5 Team Work!

    Finn and Splot looked at each other. “She’s right,” said Finn, at last. “We do need to work together and quickly. Look, the sphere’s sinking!” Splot sighed, but she nodded. “Sssssuppose ssssooo....