Level 2

My Gran is a Werewolf

Author David Macphail

Fantasy and Myths

family, initiative, teamwork

Through Jess’s diary we discover her crazy quest – to save her dear old gran from being a werewolf. It starts when Gran is babysitting and starts behaving strangely. Then a werewolf turns up in Jess’s kitchen, wearing Gran’s clothes! Jess soon realises that her gran and the werewolf are one and the same. She needs to join forces with Jacob Galleon, werewolf expert, to save her gran from the werewolf hunter, Colonel Stamper. She doesn’t have long – the next full moon is only a month away!

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

2633 readers rated this book


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David Macphail counted on the participation of readers while writing. If you haven't read the book... Beware of spoilers!