Level 3

Ring of Fire

Author Marie-Louise Jensen

Mystery and Thriller

friendship, equality, inclusion, perseverance, bravery

Sassy, outspoken and streetwise Quinn has moved to a new city with her dad and is finding it difficult to cope with the change. Troubled by parents who don’t understand her, she sees skateboarding as her only refuge and even scouts out some fellow skaters. But can she ever fit in as the only female skateboarder and will her dream of conquering the ‘Ring of Fire’ at the biggest skating festival ever become a reality?

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Overall rating 4.3 out of 5

472 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Gremlin

    Jamal crouched, kicked his heel down onto the back of his skateboard and sprang into the air. Below him, the skateboard twisted wildly out of control and crashed to the ground. Jamal landed heavil...

  • Chapter 2 Keep out!

    Still standing in their huddle, the boys all glanced across at Quinn, who was repeatedly popping her board and catching it. “What’s your problem with her, Owen?” asked Jamal. “She’s a gremlin an...

  • Chapter 3 Tricks and Tattoos

    The hand gripping Jamal’s arm was like a vice. The light of a nearby street lamp shone down on its owner: a huge giant of a man who towered over Jamal, muscles bulging, and beard bristling. He was...

  • Chapter 4 The Chase

    “Tell us your idea, then,” said Owen eagerly. “I think we should head back to our car park and get some photos of the cars,” suggested Quinn. “You know, for evidence.” “But we can’t get in throu...

  • Chapter 5 Rescue?

    Ravi tried the doors of the van. “They’re locked! Quinn?” he called. “Are you in there?” Whoever was inside banged on the door again. “What do we do if we can’t get her out?” asked Owen. “Call t...