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Survival of the Bravest

Author Tom Huddleston

Science Fiction

friendship, coexistence, cooperation, discrimination, teamwork

It’s been a year since the Intellects allowed the humans and their AI sympathizer Confucius to try to live away from the City. They are quickly establishing a new human colony, but there aren’t enough resources. When Jay becomes sick, they are drawn to the medical supplies available only in the City. But the Intellects are constantly watching, and any attempt to return there is full of risk…

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Overall rating 3.6 out of 5

1768 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Last Chance

    Jay is dying, and the new human colony has no medicine to save him, but Elle cannot bear to just watch her friend die. Meanwhile, the first baby is born to the colony...

  • Chapter 2 Winners

    Using weapons had never been part of Zizi’s plan, but Elle and her followers are all armed. And once inside the Winners’ Compound, will these weapons cause more problems than they solve?

  • Chapter 3 Town Meeting

    Zizi doesn’t want to leave Elle and the others to rot in the cages of the City, but his plan for freedom is just too dangerous. And the colony is still under the threat of destruction by Hypatia...

  • Chapter 4 Refugees

    Hypatia has left the colonists with no option but to leave, and with many of them weak, sick or injured, they will need to find some creative solutions if they want to stay together...

  • Chapter 5 The Plot

    With the drones moving in to take the humans to the cages, Zizi is running out of time to solve the mystery behind Con’s behavior. And, even if he does find the answers, will it make any difference?

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