Level 3

The Hidden Curse: A Viking Tale

Author Marie-Louise Jensen


friendship, cooperation, teamwork

When a mysterious illness hits the Viking farmstead, everyone is convinced that they have been cursed by the Hidden People. As all the adults fall sick, it is up to the chieftain’s daughter, Astrid, and her best friend Finn to lift the curse and save their friends and family. What dangers await them? The readers decide!

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

385 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 An Unexpected Arrival

    Astrid It’s so hot today. Even the horses have given up on grazing and are just lying in the grass, panting. They can barely be bothered to swish their tails to keep the midges away. I long to d...

  • Chapter 2 A New Friendship

    Finn I see Eric grasp Pablo by his tunic and lift him clear off the ground. “Please,” begs Pablo in a choked voice. “I didn’t mean to–” “I don’t care what you meant,” snarls Eric and lifts his ...

  • Chapter 3 Cursed!

    Astrid Finn is yelling at me. I turn and glance back. That’s when I see that a fire has started in the haystack. So that is what the shadow was doing! I have to catch whoever it was! “Finn, fetc...

  • Chapter 4 Stranded

    Finn “We have to chase after the horses, Finn!” cries Astrid, starting to run. “Come on!” “Astrid, stop!” I run a few steps and grab her arm. “The horses are terrified; they won’t stop running u...

  • Chapter 5 Kidnapped

    Finn It’s as dark as the halls of Hel outside. There are heavy clouds blotting out the moon and stars. A strong wind is blowing up. Stumbling blindly, I run into something warm. “Ow!” says Pabl...