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Trust No One

Author Dan Smith


discrimination, empathy, family, initiative, multiculturalism

1962, East Berlin. Max hates the wall. The great barrier that divides his city into two has also torn his family apart. He and his papa are in the East. His mama and younger brother are with his grandparents in the West. Crossing the wall isn’t an option. Even criticizing it is illegal. And there are always people listening, ready to report you to the police…

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

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  • Chapter 1 The Wall

    Max’s day at school is not going well. His friend Hans tells him that his whole street is being knocked down to build the wall. Max already hates the wall, and he just can’t stay quiet about it...

  • Chapter 2 The Arrest

    Max can’t just hide and watch his father be arrested by the Stasi. He is determined to help, but the men are too powerful. What will become of him when his father is taken away?

  • Chapter 3 The Secret

    Uncle Harald is up to something. Max is certain of it, and he is desperate to find out why his uncle leaves the apartment each night. But is Max’s curiosity about to put him in danger?

  • Chapter 4 The Betrayal

    Hans convinces Max to find out what Uncle Harald is doing, so the boys start their investigation. But they soon discover that Uncle Harald isn’t the only person visiting the factory...

  • Chapter 5 The Escape

    The factory’s secret has been discovered by the police. Now Miss Becker is injured, and Max and Uncle Harald are in great danger. The dream of escaping to their family in the West seems impossible...

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