Level 1

Captain Jellybeard and the Island of Fear

Author Simon Cheshire


autonomy, teamwork, bravery, generosity

The third installment of the adventures of Captain Jellybeard. When Captain Jessica Jellybeard and her crew are blown off course by the sneeze of a mega-giant turtle with a cold, they arrive at an island where animals which are normally big are small, and animals which are usually small are huge. On a trek across the island to the Visitor Centre, to get a map to show them the way home, they meet teeny tiny herds of elephants, a colossal spider and an enormous and deadly sparrow. But will they be tempted out of their quest by the legend of one million doubloons, said to be hidden in the lair of the Nastiest Monster Of All?

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

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