Level 3

Darklinn Wood

Author David Macphail

Fantasy and Myths

family, initiative, perseverance, overcoming adversity, bravery

Flora’s father has disappeared without a trace. It’s been a year, but there’s still no sign of him. And when Flora visits his last known location, the mysterious Darklinn Wood, to try to move on from her loss, she makes a strange discovery. One that will lead her on an incredible journey into Scottish mythology…

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

2054 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Vanished

    Flora is looking for closure when she visits the place where her father vanished. But the ancient yew tree where her dog’s leash was found appears to have something magical about it...

  • Chapter 2 Returned

    After a strange turn of events at Aunt Bonnie’s funeral, Flora is left with more questions than ever before. Powerful forces are clearly at play, but how can she find out the information she needs?

  • Chapter 3 Remembered

    Flora learns more about her father and begins to investigate the other people who have vanished in the woods. She feels sure that Aurora must have answers, but where is she?

  • Chapter 4 Traversed

    The mysteries of Darklinn Wood start to be unraveled. Flora must face her greatest fear among the trees in a world that is utterly strange, yet also strangely familiar...

  • Chapter 5 Reclaimed

    Flora has only just found her father, and it seems like he is to be taken from her as an offering from Mab to the demon. Can Flora summon help, or can she find new powers of her own to save them both?

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