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Five Days to Save Christmas

Author Alan Durant

Fantasy and Myths

self-esteem, autonomy, perseverance

It’s nearly Christmas, but Arvin isn’t feeling Christmassy at all. In fact, everyone seems utterly miserable. Then Arvin finds a strange note in his pocket and it starts him on an incredible quest. Not only will Arvin discover more about his own identity, but he will also discover a whole new magical world – a world where Christmas could be kept locked away forever, unless he can save it...

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

2896 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Day One

    Arvin isn’t feeling Christmassy at all – nobody is. Then he receives a strange note which tells him he is the only one who can save Christmas... and Arvin’s magical quest begins.

  • Chapter 2 Day Two

    When a fluffy black cat transforms into an evil creature called Krampus, intent on ruining Christmas forever, Arvin must escape from the Christmas House. But how will he get away from Krampus?

  • Chapter 3 Day Three

    Arvin’s mission is clear. He heads off with Gustaff to find Krampus and rescue the Spirit of Christmas. But he will need to dig deep and recover his elfin powers if he is to succeed....

  • Chapter 4 Day Four

    Arvin arrives at Christmas World to find it in chaos and Krampus determined to ruin Christmas forever. He will need all his elfin powers to retrieve the Spirit of Christmas. But will he be too late?

  • Chapter 5 Day Five

    When Arvin chooses to follow the jackdaw, he hopes the bird will lead him to Krampus. But is Jakey all he seems? With the fate of Christmas resting on Arvin’s shoulders, time is running out... fast!

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