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The Loop

Author Christina Clover

Fantasy and Myths

bullying, friendship, overcoming adversity, bravery, fiction award

As Max is leaving school one day, he receives a message from his best friend, Ethan, saying that he’s in trouble at the shopping mall. Max rushes there to find Ethan being chased by bullies. He can’t get out of the mall and just keeps going around and around in circles. Max is soon trapped with him. Each time they go to the exit, they find themselves looping back around again. Will they ever find their way out?

Fiction Express Awards 2021. Winner
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Overall rating 4 out of 5

2625 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Absent

    Ethan didn’t come to school, and it’s not like him to miss a day. His best friend, Max, is desperate to find him. So why is Ethan at the local mall, and who is he hiding from?

  • Chapter 2 Hiding

    Max is determined to get both himself and Ethan out of Halo, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. It appears that Simon and his gang of bullies aren’t the only sinister thing about the shopping mall...

  • Chapter 3 Betrayal

    Max and Ethan are desperately running around and around in circles, trying to escape Simon and his gang of bullies. It’s time to ask for help, but is anyone listening?

  • Chapter 4 Responsibility

    Max is struggling to understand why Ethan betrayed him, and what exactly is happening at the shopping mall to keep people trapped. Can the strange woman provide any answers?

  • Chapter 5 Selfless

    It’s time for the boys to hear Cassie’s story and learn how she became trapped at Halo. But can her explanation and advice help Ethan escape? Will they have to face Simon and the gang after all?

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