Level 2


Author Simon Cheshire

Science Fiction

self-esteem, autonomy, initiative, bravery

In the year 2317, a ship drifts through space carrying brave pioneers headed for their new home: Earth 2: The Sequel. When the ship comes under attack, Zak is the only human woken from his frozen sleep. Tired, afraid, and with nothing but pyjamas to wear, Zak must think fast. Can he, with the help of Jee-Vees, the ship’s canny robot butler, take back their vessel from the mysterious beings that have spacejacked it and will they ever make it to their new home?

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

896 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Raiders

    BEEP! Zak slowly awoke from a deep, deep sleep. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEBEEBEEBEEBEEBEEP! Zak grunted sleepily. His eyes creaked open. “Ten more minutes,” he said. “I’m terribly sorry, sir, that ...

  • Chapter 2 Captured!

    Zak gulped. The barrel of the blaster ray was touching the tip of his nose. Holding it was a tall, slim woman. She wore a bright yellow space suit and a grim expression. “You one of the sleepers?...

  • Chapter 3 The Moon

    Inside his bubble, Jee-Vees paused mid-sentence and looked down at the surface of the strange moon below. “Well, sir… ma’am,” the robot continued, “it would appear that we are falling into the op...

  • Chapter 4 The Market

    Zak, Mag and Jee-Vees stood stock still in the long blue-and-pink grass. They listened carefully. The swishing sound moved closer. Jee-Vees scanned the area. Mag drew her laser blaster. “What’s o...

  • Chapter 5 The Battle

    “Oh dear, sir,” said Jee-Vees, studying one of the screens. “It would appear that we have company. Shall I offer him a nice glass of lemona–” “Don’t be silly Jee-Vees,” groaned Zak. “That’s Sneev...