Level 3

The Disappearance of Danny Doyle

Author Alex Woolf

Mystery and Thriller

bullying, confidence, solidarity, teamwork

When the Time Detectives, Joe and Maya, stumble upon an old house in the middle of a wood, its occupant has a sad and strange tale to tell. Michael was evacuated to Dorset during WWII with his twin brother, Danny. While there, Danny mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again. Can Joe and Maya succeed where the police failed, journey back to 1941 and trace Michael’s missing brother?

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Overall rating 4.3 out of 5

631 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Missing Twin

    “Come on, cuz! Let’s go in.”  Without waiting for Joe to answer, Maya pushed open the door and entered the old, tumbledown house. The hallway was dim, the air stuffy and filled with tiny specks o...

  • Chapter 2 The Bully

    “Let’s do it!” grinned Maya. “Let’s camp out in the woods! That way we’ll be free to move around as we please and spy on whoever we want.” Smiling, Joe agreed. Meanwhile, the argument between th...

  • Chapter 3 A Long Night

    “Let’s split up,” suggested Maya. “You stay here and keep watch on Winnie while I follow Danny and Dawkins. We’ll meet back at the camp later and compare notes.” Joe looked at her. “Are you sure?...

  • Chapter 4 The Stowaways

    While Maya and Michael were still pondering what to do, Joe raced to the van and pulled open the back doors. “There’s an old blanket in here we can hide under,” he shouted. “They won’t see us. Qu...

  • Chapter 5 Prisoners!

    As Maya and Joe wondered how to get past the ticket inspector, Maya caught sight of the group of schoolchildren they’d seen earlier. They were being shepherded towards the barrier by a harassed-lo...