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The Missing Hour

Author Christina Clover

Fantasy and Myths

friendship, autonomy, healthy habits, honesty, teamwork

The beautiful house in town has finally been sold, but the new owners are said to be strange. Why is the place so still and silent by day and so noisy at night? Friends Brianna, Sasha and Benito decide to spy on the house, but their questions are far from resolved, and time itself becomes a mystery...

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Overall rating 4 out of 5

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  • Chapter 1 Midnight

    When Brianna, Sasha and Benito pass the grandest house in town, they notice that the new owners have moved in. But who are they, and why are Sasha’s parents reluctant to talk to her about them?

  • Chapter 2 Missing

    Benito fails to show up at Handley’s house, and Sasha and Brianna must make some difficult decisions about how to help him. With the tournament the next day, surely he can’t be too far away?

  • Chapter 3 Dimension

    When the girls are confronted, Brianna is determined to find out any information she can about Benito. Has he been to Handley’s house? The answers she receives are both confusing and unbelievable...

  • Chapter 4 Trapped

    Handley’s story is hard to believe, but Brianna and Sasha are desperate to find Benito, and Handley is their only lead. Will they follow Handley into the strange dimension he describes?

  • Chapter 5 Reunited

    With everyone now in the missing hours dimension, it is unclear how they will be able to return home or free Benito from endlessly reliving his lie. Handley has an idea, but will it work?

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