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The Night Raider: A Viking Tale

Author Marie-Louise Jensen


friendship, initiative, overcoming adversity

In this dual narrative, Astrid and Finn battle against suspicion as their carefully tended livestock continue to disappear. Will they succeed in finding and stopping the secret night raider? And who or what will it turn out to be?

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

256 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Vanished!

    Astrid I defend myself as best I can against the fierce blows raining down on my shield, but I’m being beaten back step by step. I only just evade a particularly powerful sword thrust. It sends m...

  • Chapter 2 The Mystery Deepens

    Finn “I can’t leave you, Astrid!” I call down to my friend. Her white face peers up at me through the fog. The ledge she is lying on is horribly narrow. “Yes, you can, Finn,” Astrid shouts back ...

  • Chapter 3 Missing

    Finn I wake up stiff and cold with the feeling I’ve been unconscious for a while. There’s a rock sticking into my back and another jabbing my hip. I ache. In fact, I hurt all over. When I try to ...

  • Chapter 4 A Discovery

    Astrid I look from the boy to the thief in desperate indecision. What should I do? I think of my friend Finn, gone for two days now. What has become of him? I have to prevent this unknown boy fr...

  • Chapter 5 An Unexpected Reward

    Finn “I was a powerful nobleman in Norway,” Arnulf explains to Astrid and me. “We lived in a fine longhouse and had a flourishing farm. We were very happy there. But then King Harald Tangle-hair ...