Level 2

The Sand Witch

Author Tommy Donbavand

Fantasy and Myths

family, initiative, teamwork

When twins Chris and Ella are left to look after their younger brother on a deserted beach, they expect everything to be normal… boring in fact. But then something extraordinary happens! Will the Sand Witch succeed in passing on her sandy curse in this exciting adventure? You decide!

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

998 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 A Day at the Beach

    The crab’s claw burst up out of the sand. Razor sharp pincers snapped together in the warm summer breeze, and then the rest of the creature pushed its way out into the sunlight. Bulging, red-veine...

  • Chapter 2 Run!

    The Sand Witch reached out towards Mikey, her long, gnarled fingers quivering with excitement. “The little boy shall be mine!” she snarled. “He shall take my place and remain here forever as part ...

  • Chapter 3 Tiny Twins

    Another flash of sand-coloured light erupted from the end of the Sand Witch’s wand. Then she cackled, turning her attention back to the door and continuing to pour herself, grain by grain, through...

  • Chapter 4 The Cave Below

    The floorboards in front of the children began to crack and splinter. The tiny twins were forced to jump back to avoid being speared by one of the sharp shards of wood that shot up from the ground...

  • Chapter 5 A Spell of Trouble

    The Sand Witch screamed as her entire head collapsed in on itself, thick plumes of sand tumbling down into the cavern below. Ella grabbed Chris’s arm and pulled him clear of the cascade. “Well?” ...