Level 2

Trouble in Withy Wood

Author Tommy Donbavand

Fantasy and Myths

friendship, initiative, environment, teamwork

Brother and sister, Usman and Fatima, love setting each other puzzles.  But when Usman creates a scavenger hunt for his sister through the mysterious woodland at the bottom of their garden, Fatima becomes nervous.  Their parents have always made them promise not to go into Withy Wood alone.  But, the temptation of treasure at the end of the quest is just too much to ignore, and they children set off to find and follow the hidden clues.  Little do they know they’re racing headlong into a showdown between two opposing armies of ancient creatures….

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

771 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Quest

    Usman Saeed stood, rooted to the spot, and felt the warm spring sunshine on his face. He turned his head slightly, listening for any sound of movement in the garden. It was tempting to lift his bl...

  • Chapter 2 Captured!

    “Platoon to battle stations!” shouted Captain Campion. Usman and Fatima stared open-mouthed as a dozen tiny sprites melted out of the scenery around them. They each wore camouflaged green uniform...

  • Chapter 3 Battle!

    “Goblin attack?” scoffed Usman. “But goblins aren’t real, are they?” He pulled against the grass rope that still tied his wrists together, but it held tight. Fatima shrugged, waving her own bound...

  • Chapter 4 Search!

    Fatima paced up and down anxiously in the ruins of the village square. All around her, sprites were trying to fix the damage caused by the goblin attack. Some swept up broken glass, while others p...

  • Chapter 5 Rescue!

    Usman Saeed sat in a cage made from rose thorns in the large abandoned rabbit warren that made up the goblin village, and felt sorry for himself. He was in what felt like a vast underground cavern...