Level 2

Blast to the Past: A Stone Age Adventure

Author Tommy Donbavand


friendship, coexistence, overcoming adversity

While exploring a local cave system, best friends Sam and Alissa find ancient cave paintings, alongside two small handprints – perhaps those of the original artists. Sam and Alissa press their own hands against these prints and are zapped back in time! The two modern-day children are now lost in a world of pet mammoths, fast-paced hunts and daring escapes from the claws of sabre-toothed tigers. How will Sam and Alissa find their way home? You decide!

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Overall rating 4.2 out of 5

762 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 Blast!

    “Come out now, Alissa!” cried Sam, his voice echoing off the stone walls of the cave. “You know we’re not supposed to go any deeper!” There was no reply. “Alissa! Come back!” Nothing. With a s...

  • Chapter 2 Run!

    Sam and Alissa slowly backed away as the sabre-toothed cat padded towards them through the long, waving grass. The creature was in no hurry, knowing it could easily outrun the two children. It gro...

  • Chapter 3 Scare!

    Alissa backed away, her eyes locked on the leader of the Shadows. His red-painted face was twisted with rage, and she saw that he was reaching for another spear. She somehow knew that his next sho...

  • Chapter 4 Dance!

    “We have to follow the Shadows and rescue Sam right now!” insisted Alissa. The flickering, orange lights of the hunters’ flaming torches now looked like dancing fireflies in the distance. “No,” s...

  • Chapter 5 Print!

    Rock and Alissa clung to the side of the cliff face, toes resting on a thin ledge and fingers clutching tightly to jagged lumps of stone that jutted out from the precipice. Strong gusts of wind th...