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Deadly Storm

Author Kathryn James

Mystery and Thriller

autonomy, family, initiative, overcoming adversity, bravery

May has been living at her new foster home for just over a week. Her little brother, Storm, should be with her. But Storm went missing a week ago. The police have been looking for him ever since. On the seventh day of his disappearance—which just happens to be May’s thirteenth birthday—she is being questioned again about her missing brother. Then a teenage boy walks into the room, grinning, and claims to be Storm…

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

2759 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Impossible Return

    It’s May’s thirteenth birthday, but she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Her little brother Storm is still missing, and she has to answer yet more questions from the police about his disappearance...

  • Chapter 2 Trust

    With the police in hot pursuit, Storm tries his best to remember where he has been for the past seven years. And with little memory, it is impossible for May and Storm to know who to trust...

  • Chapter 3 The Gateway

    After the appearance of the girl, May and Storm are swept into a whole new set of problems. Storm’s memory is returning, and the mystery of his whereabouts in the last seven years begins to unravel.

  • Chapter 4 Earth 13

    Storm and May are now on the surface of Earth 13, and they are both in terrible danger. The freezing temperature is not their only problem, as they are about to encounter the planet’s inhabitants...

  • Chapter 5 The Final Leap

    With the future of Earth 13 in jeopardy, Storm, May and Ash must try to convince Dr. Chandra’s team to abandon their plans to start the transmitter. Will the appearance of Earth 13’s people help?

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