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Author Alex Woolf


discrimination, equality, multiculturalism, solidarity, overcoming adversity

Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 Jewish siblings, Rafael, Irina, and Max Weiss, and their friend Jacob, survive the horror and hardship of the Warsaw Ghetto by sneaking through a secret hole in the wall at night and smuggling in food from the Aryan side to sell on the black market. One day, they are told to report to the train station for resettlement at a work camp, but Jacob is convinced that they’re being taken to a slave or death camp... can they escape?

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  • Chapter 1 The Ghetto

    Irina Weiss’s family and their orphaned friend Jacob live a hard and dangerous life in the Warsaw Ghetto. They are used to sickness and hunger, but now a new, deadlier threat looms on the horizon...

  • Chapter 2 Beneath the City

    The children can’t stay in the pharmacy and need to find a way out of the ghetto. But their options are limited, with all Jewish children being rounded up. How can they escape? And who can be trusted?

  • Chapter 3 The Forest

    The children cannot survive for long, trapped in the filth of the sewers. But their escape plan is risky, and their safety, even if they do succeed in getting out of Warsaw, is anything but certain...

  • Chapter 4 The Mission

    The forest dwellers are still suspicious of the children, and time is running out to rescue Aron from the Nazis. Meanwhile, Izaak’s injury needs urgent treatment. Will the children be trusted to help?

  • Chapter 5 The Village

    The dangers of the Nazi occupiers converge with the dangers of a freezing winter, and life becomes harder than ever for the children. They risk everything to survive, but will it be enough?

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