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Emery the Explorer: An Underwater Adventure

Author Isobel Holmes


self-esteem, autonomy, confidence, initiative, respect for animals, overcoming adversity, bravery

“Come at once. Exploring to be done!” This message from the Professor sends Emery and his pet monkey spider on another thrilling adventure. This time they are searching for the lost underwater tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh, Hoppitti II. But Emery is not the only one looking for the tomb. Will he find it before his biggest rival Dex D Saster, or will it all end in disaster? You decide.

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Overall rating 4.1 out of 5

1056 readers rated this book


  • Chapter 1 The Lost Tomb

    ZOOOOOOOOM! The plane took off. The airport quickly shrank to a tiny dot in the distance. Among the passengers on the plane were Emery the explorer and Spider, his monkey friend. Emery’s backpac...

  • Chapter 2 Danger on the Sea Bed

    The diving bell spun, over and over. A dial showed the distance to the sea bed – 100 metres. “I f-f-feel a b-bit seasick,” groaned Emery. Spider, his monkey friend, didn’t reply. He was too busy...

  • Chapter 3 Into the Tomb

    Suddenly, the sea bed began to shake. For a moment, Spider wondered if it was something to do with all those bananas he’d eaten. “It’s an earthquake!” said Emery. “Hold on to me!” The shaking go...

  • Chapter 4 Trapped!

    There was a loud creaking noise. Emery and Spider both froze with fear. Their eyes darted this way and that. Was the ceiling about to fall in? Was there another earthquake on the way? “N-N-No,” s...

  • Chapter 5 The Mummy Returns

    At that moment, the tomb gave a shake. “Another earthquake,” muttered Dex to himself. “I’d better hurry.” He stood in front of a large wooden chest. “Aha!” he said. “There should be plenty of val...